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Classic plan: 3 coaching sessions + e-book, money-back guarantee

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Practice your interview skills with one of our ex-MBB interviewers and coaches, including your personal experience stories and business case skills (structure, quants, creativity, chart, synthesis).

This plan is a bundle that includes: three 1-1 coaching sessions (1 hour each) with ex-MBB interviewer and coach, an e-book with full experience&case interview methodology, loads of examples and tips, ten MBB-level practice cases with full solutions, and $80 money-back guarantee if you don't get an MBB offer!

All our coaches have extensive MBB interviewing and coaching experience. They also have diverse backgrounds: PhD, experienced hire, MBA and various specializations (operations, marketing&sales, digital) as well as generalists.

Limited time discount. Use this unique opportunity to polish your interview skills and get ready to rock'n'roll!

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Book sessions according to your schedule
Go through a mock interview, including both fit and case questions
Get honest and actionable feedback from senior coaches
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