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ZeroToMBB was created to help MBB candidates demystify the MBB interviewing process and help them realise their goal of getting of a job at McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) or Bain. 

We already coached 400+ candidates, with over 70% of them getting an MBB offer, which resulted in a 4.95/5 rating. We know this is an investment and we strongly in aligning our incentive. Our success-based pricing means that we offer money-back for the few  who do not get an offer. 

Here is our team. Unlike many websites out there, our coaches have extensive interviewing AND coaching experience from McKinsey, and will go the extra mile to ensure your success.  Get directly in touch with us  and ask any questions via the number below.


Sanjar joined McKinsey in 2017 after working for a few years at the World Bank Group, DuPont and Strategy&. At McKinsey he was a generalist consultant, mainly focusing on Strategy and Marketing & Sales engagements. He was based in Helsinki and worked with clients in Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, and Australia. He left the firm in 2019 as Junior Engagement Manager. Currently he is a strategy development manager at a large Finnish multinational company focusing on renewables. He also serves as a mentor to IMD MBA class for the 4th consecutive year as well as as an advisor to IMD MBA Consulting cluster. He interviewed over 60 candidates at McKinsey and Strategy&. He has Master's degree in Law and MBA from IMD. LinkedIn profile available here

Antoine joined McKinsey in 2012, right after graduating with a PhD in Engineering from Cornell University. He left McKinsey as an engagement manager in 2017. He specialised in the Digital Practice and was based first in Brussels and later in Sydney. He has interviewed over 50 candidates while at McKinsey and coached over 100 candidates on MBB interviews. LinkedIn profile available here

Cecile joined McKinsey in 2010, where she worked for over 4 years in the Marketing & Sales practice. She left McKinsey as a senior engagement manager. She is currently a  professional coach for entrepreneurial leadership and continues to work as a freelance management consultant. During her time at McKinsey, she has interviewed over 30 candidates. She holds an MBA from INSEAD and a Masters degree in Engineering from ETH Zurich. LinkedIn profile available here

Antoine (another one!) joined McKinsey in 2010, after having worked for 7 years in the automotive industry (incl. 6 years at Toyota). At McKinsey, he was part of the Operation practice as an expert (equivalent to engagement manager) in Manufacturing and in Capital Productivity, helping client to enhance their operations performances. He did over 70 candidate interviews while at McKinsey and he is looking forward to help you make it happens. LinkedIn profile available here

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