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Perfecting your MBB resume

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

When it comes to polishing up your resume for a role at a prestigious consulting firm, there are key Dos and Don’ts. Any resume that doesn’t adhere closely to these guidelines will be turned away without a second glance.

Though we cover all the rules in our ultimate prep guide, here are 5 tips to get you started:

  1. Keep your resume to one page (PhDs can go up to two pages).

  2. Consistency is key. This isn’t the time to stand out—make sure that your font, font size, and formatting is the same throughout.

  3. For each line item, use action verbs to describe your impact: Drove, managed, directed, analyzed.

  4. Make sure to quantify your impact. If there’s any place where you can add a number to illustrate a result you achieved, add that number: 20% cost savings, 30% revenue growth, etc. If you can’t quantify a result, try to at least quantify the work: Managed a team of 12 associates.

  5. As much as you can, emphasize your leadership experience. This could be anything from leadership roles at work to school clubs to outside organizations. If your leadership experience is weak, showcase your contributions to the team.

And remember, a good resume is just as much about what you put in as what you leave out. For example, only list languages in which you’re at a conversational level or above. You’ll be expected to travel in your role, and meet with clients from different backgrounds. If you can’t actually speak comfortably in any of the languages you’ve listed on your resume, delete them. Get rid of that two-month internship you had in high school at your mother’s office, and list your GPA only if you’ve graduated in the last five years.

For more resume tips, a template, and details on what makes a resume stand out to an MBB recruiter, check out Zero to MBB, the book.


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